Looking At Others


I want to be poured

into the leather seat of a new sedan and feel the leather cradle me

while I look at others,

barely moving my eyes due to

my comfortable and luxurious surrounding.

I can feel the globes of

my eyeballs cradled in the sockets

and feel the lower lid edge against

the eyeball and the coolness of the

air hitting the eyeballs.

Occasionally I blink and move my


My neck is sitting as a pivot and

pedestal for my head with the

breath barely animating my chest,

diaphragm and up through my neck

and out my nostrils.  My head

bobs slightly and pivots on my

neck as this happens, in a relaxed

state, as I look around.

I am relaxed, cradled in the leather seat

of luxury which I bought and so deserve,

but that isnít the point except

that I am here, looking at others.



Drive-By Series