The Museum then Lunch!


Here were some of The Terracotta Soldiers, a rare treat outside of Xi'an! We were asked not to take pictures inside.

On the road to The Yellow River


The Dai Temple


This is Pat with Michael and his daughter Spring.

Noodle Maker

The Bengal Tigers!!


A beautiful lake with many boaters and even some swimmers celebrating the holiday.

The Baby Bengal




and More Tigers!!


After we left the park with the tigers we were given some free time and we walked through some of the small shops in Tai'an.  We met one delightful girl in a shop selling some Jade who spoke no English at all but that did not stop her from communicating in Mandarin.  When we got back I remembered some of her words and was able to figure out the prices that she was saying.  Her grandfather came out to help at one point and was able to write some numbers in English.

On the way home Tracy stopped to buy some bread and had this amazing cognition that I captured on video.  We both thought we would never hear these words from her lips...