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Hollywood Necessities


Text Box: Hollywood Necessities



            Internet Movie Data Base                                   Wing Music *

            Who's Alive & Who's Dead                                The onion

            Hollywood Byline                                               Viking Kitties

            Kiss This Guy  (Misheard Lyrics)                       Got a Light, Mate?

            Forbes  richest                                                      

            the smoking gun





Friends & Artists
Text Box: Friends & Artists

            JAX -  Painter

                Angel Garcia - painter                                                                 funny shirts

            Cajongas  - new percussive instrument                                    track your dollar bills

            Jon Mackinder  - cool music                                                     check your internet speed

               Andre Devon Magone                                                                 is it pop or soda?

            Eddie Deezen - actor                                                                    Albino Blacksheep

            Ari Ross - the voice guy                                                               Venus   flytrap   

            Joe Oliver -  tech wiz                                                   How Stuff works

            The Satellite Guy - artistic installations                                 anagrams are cool

fun fun
Text Box: fun fun
            Novel tease Apparel co.                                            The Geek test

            Kiddco - poet                                                            wild stuff 4 sale

            Joanne Tatham  - songbird                                           the death clock

             Margareta - Fabulous performer                                    drive me insane

            Peri - cool music                                                                   


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